Wednesday 2024-03-27 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-03-27
Wednesday 2024-03-27 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Wednesday, March 27:

  1. SDL Storage API Merged For SDL 3.0
  2. The Return of the Frame Pointers
  3. Sequential A/B Testing Keeps the World Streaming Netflix Part 2: Counting Processes
  4. Logarithm: A logging engine for AI training workflows and services
  5. AI and the Evolution of Social Media
  6. GoFetch: Breaking Constant-Time Cryptographic Implementations Using Data Memory-Dependent Prefetchers
  7. Found means fixed: Introducing code scanning autofix, powered by GitHub Copilot and CodeQL
  8. UN General Assembly adopts landmark resolution on artificial intelligence – sadly, this is a nonbinding agreement and thus effectively toothless
  9. Linux Crisis Tools – install these Linux tools on your production servers before a crisis hits
  10. The Danger of Unreliable Platforms (with Jade Rubick)