Monday 2024-04-01 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-04-01
Monday 2024-04-01 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Monday, April 1:

  1. Thousands of servers hacked in ongoing attack targeting Ray AI framework: Researchers say it’s the first known in-the-wild attack targeting AI workloads.
  2. An Alerting strategy for the cloud
  3. Parsing Protobuf at 2+GB/s: How I Learned To Love Tail Calls in C
  4. Advances in document understanding
  5. From U2F to passkeys
  6. Protecting Secrets with Docker
  7. Improve Docker Compose Modularity with include
  8. Container Security and Why It Matters
  9. vcpkg integration with the GitHub dependency graph
  10. Introducing Immortal Objects for Python