Thursday 2024-05-09 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-05-09
Thursday 2024-05-09 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Thursday, May 9:

  1. Dependabot on GitHub Actions and self-hosted runners is now generally available
  2. Speeding up C++ build times
  3. Why OpenAI Replaced ChatGPT Plugins With GPTs
  4. Making an Application More Robust With Data Mapping
  5. The business of wallets

    Regulators strongly prefer that deposits stay within the regulated banking sector. The single largest reason is that they’re worried that households’ immediately accessible stored funds stay safe and accessible. A major follow-up reason, less understood by non-specialists, is that regulated banks are bound to a long list of consumer protection items on the transaction level, not the institution level. A lot of the abuse in the economy happens in $50 and $5,000 increments, rather than multi-billion dollar increments. Regulators sleep happier knowing that this abuse happens at companies with teams of operators standing. Those operators will groan and chalk a disputed transaction, instance of fraud, or glitch in the matrix up to the operational losses budget rather than sticking a user with it.

  6. How we built Text-to-SQL at Pinterest
  7. Minimizing on-call burnout through alerts observability
  8. What Is Amazon Resource Name (ARN)?
  9. OpenTelemetry Best Practices #1: Naming
  10. OpenTelemetry Best Practices #2 Agents, Sidecars, Collectors, Coded Instrumentation