Wednesday 2024-06-12 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-06-12
Wednesday 2024-06-12 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Wednesday, June 12:

  1. Fracking wastewater has “shocking” amount of clean-energy mineral lithium

    A study from researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory shows the wastewater produced by Pennsylvania’s unconventional wells could contain enough lithium to meet 38 to 40 percent of current domestic consumption.

  2. Catch Up on Microsoft Build 2024: Essential Sessions for .NET Developers
  3. Highlights from Microsoft Build: Docker’s Innovations with AI and Windows on Arm
  4. Google Cloud explains how it accidentally deleted a customer account. The Google blog post is entitled Sharing details on a recent incident impacting one of our customers which is a ridiculous understatement.

    During the initial deployment of a Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) Private Cloud for the customer using an internal tool, there was an inadvertent misconfiguration of the GCVE service by Google operators due to leaving a parameter blank. This had the unintended and then unknown consequence of defaulting the customer’s GCVE Private Cloud to a fixed term, with automatic deletion at the end of that period. The incident trigger and the downstream system behavior have both been corrected to ensure that this cannot happen again.

  5. AI passes the restaurant review Turing test. We are rapidly entering an era where we won’t be able to believe anything – articles, photos, videos, voice recordings – is genuine and original. Are you prepared?

    In a series of experiments for a new study, Kovács found that a panel of human testers was unable to distinguish between reviews written by humans and those written by GPT-4, the LLM powering the latest iteration of ChatGPT. In fact, they were more confident about the authenticity of AI-written reviews than they were about human-written reviews.