Friday 2024-06-21 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-06-21
Friday 2024-06-21 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Friday, June 21:

  1. MLow: Meta’s low bitrate audio codec

    After nearly two years of active development and testing, we are proud to announce Meta Low Bitrate audio codec, aka MLow, which achieves two-times-better quality than Opus (POLQA MOS 1.89 vs 3.9 @ 6kbps WB). Even more importantly, we are able to achieve this great quality while keeping MLow’s computational complexity 10 percent lower than that of Opus.

  2. Unlocking the power of unstructured data with RAG

    To make the most of their unstructured data, development teams are turning to retrieval-augmented generation, or RAG, a method for customizing large language models (LLMs). They can use RAG to keep LLMs up to date with organizational knowledge and the latest information available on the web. They can also use RAG and LLMs to surface and extract insights from unstructured data.

  3. LXC vs. Docker: Which One Should You Use?

    LXC is not typically used for application development but for scenarios requiring full OS functionality or direct hardware integration. Its ability to provide isolated and secure environments with minimal overhead makes it suitable for infrastructure virtualization where traditional VMs might be too resource-intensive.

    Docker’s utility in supporting rapid development cycles and complex architectures makes it a valuable tool for developers aiming to improve efficiency and operational consistency in their projects.

  4. AES-GCM and breaking it on nonce reuse
  5. Next-Level Boilerplate: An Inside Look Into Our .Net Clean Architecture Repo

    Clean architecture is a widely adopted opinionated way to structure your code and to separate the concerns of the application into layers. The main idea is to separate the business logic from the infrastructure and presentation layers.