Friday 2024-04-05 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-04-05
Friday 2024-04-05 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Friday, April 5:

  1. Scaling up the Prime Video audio/video monitoring service and reducing costs by 90% – a case study of moving from distributed microservices back to a monolith application
  2. Shaping live sports publishing traffic through a distributed scheduling system
  3. Debugging a FUSE deadlock in the Linux kernel
  4. Enum Class Bitmasks
  5. Bazel in CI (Part 1): Commit Under Test
  6. Bazel in CI (Part 2): Worker Setup
  7. Bazel Caching Explained (pt. 3): Repository Cache
  8. Fast builds, secure builds. Choose two. – How Stripe uses Bazel for build and test pipelines.
  9. Bazel roadmap
  10. Introducing rules_oci – A replacement for rules_docker which builds container images.