Thursday 2024-04-11 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-04-11
Thursday 2024-04-11 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Thursday, April 11:

  1. GNU Stow 2.4.0 released – I use stow whenever I’m installing custom-compiled software.
  2. Security Vulnerability of HTML Emails

    The email your manager received and forwarded to you was something completely innocent, such as a potential customer asking a few questions. All that email was supposed to achieve was being forwarded to you. However, the moment the email appeared in your inbox, it changed. The innocent pretext disappeared and the real phishing email became visible. A phishing email you had to trust because you knew the sender and they even confirmed that they had forwarded it to you.

  3. Improved Alerting with Atlas Streaming Eval
  4. Why choose sum types over exceptions?
  5. Refresh vs. Long-lived Access Tokens
  6. Why you should use io_uring for network I/O
  7. Clocks and Causality - Ordering Events in Distributed Systems
  8. Twitter’s Recommendation Algorithm
  9. Introducing self-service SBOMs
  10. Practical tips for rightsizing your Kubernetes workloads