Tuesday 2024-04-16 Assorted Links
Assorted Links links
Published: 2024-04-16
Tuesday 2024-04-16 Assorted Links

Assorted links for Tuesday, April 16:

  1. Shared Responsibility Model
  2. Estimating the effort to build a Bazel CI/CD
  3. The Secret Sauce of Tik-Tok’s Recommendations
  4. Tulip: Modernizing Meta’s data platform
  5. How the GitHub Docs team uses GitHub Projects
  6. io_uring and networking in 2023
  7. The technology behind GitHub’s new code search
  8. Fast and Furious: Doubling Down on SBOM Drift
  9. How DoorDash Upgraded a Heuristic with ML to Save Thousands of Canceled Orders
  10. How to Increase Deployment Observability and Simplify Deployment Pipelines